Auckland’s Homeless Count – Full Findings Available

We are pleased to share the final report from Ira Mata, Ira Tangata: Auckland’s Homeless Count.

The full report provides an insight into the nature of homelessness, including the length of time living without shelter, use of key public services, regional breakdown, and demographic data.

This is the culmination of significant work, over many months, by many people. Not least the hundreds of individuals who volunteered their time on the night of the Count. Thank you to everyone involved.

The findings from the count

At least 336 people living without shelter and 2,874 people in temporary accommodation in Auckland.

Findings from Ira Mata, Ira Tangata: Auckland’s Homeless Count show that on 17 September, at least 336 people were living without shelter and 2,874 people were in temporary accommodation. Following a validation exercise, we estimate there were approximately 800 people living without shelter in Auckland on that night.

Thank you to all of our volunteers

We couldn’t have done this without your support.

We are incredibly grateful to every single volunteer for their generosity of time and for caring enough to be part of the count.

On the night, about 660 volunteers went out in groups to speak with people who are living without shelter on the street or in cars. We simply would not have been about to do this count without the people who volunteered.

Across the region, there was a strong sense of community and caring, proving this count is about much more than numbers. It is about people and working together to make homelessness in Auckland rare, brief and non-recurring.